Beauties of America Diamond – Billye Fietz





What three words best describe you?
Creative, dependable and determined

Who would you most like to meet and why?
Laura Bush. She is such a classy lady and I’d like to know how she handles the critics of her family.

What do you like to do for fun?
I love watching my grandchildren compete in activities like baseball, competitive cheer-leading, football and soccer.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
Never stop learning! A new project always excites me!

What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you?
Being the shortest queen in the middle of the 2017 pageant photo on stage.

What’s your favorite type of music?
Anything I can sing along to, especially in the car! I love old show tunes.

What is the best book you’ve ever read?
“Quilting for Dummies”. I love to read a variety of books. My current book is “Orthopedics 2.0”.

What charitable organization do you enjoy volunteering for or would want to volunteer for?
I love to quilt and donate many of my quilts to charities, like the Wounded Warrior Center at Ft Sam and Project Linus.

If there was a reality show about your life what would the title be?
“What’s she up to Now?” There is always a new project in my life.

What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?
My family! I’ve been married for 49 years; have three wonderful grown children, 9 grandchildren and one great grandson. I am extremely blessed!

Who or what motivates you and why?
I can be a bit of a procrastinator. Knowing I have a deadline (even a self-imposed one) always gets me moving. Crossing things off my list keeps me satisfied.

What’s your favorite midnight snack?
I try not to eat after 7 PM, but have been known to eat an occasional bag of Skinny Girl popcorn.
What do you do when you are bored? I play Words With Friends on my IPhone or go outside and pull weeds.

What is ‘beauty’ to you?
Beauty is a caring heart and showing kindness to others.

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